New Forms for ARB and Covenant Compliance

In order to make it easier for neighbors of Newberry, the Newberry HOA Board has created two Google Forms to seek ARB approval and for reporting covenant violations. You can find both of these on the ARB tab and below. Newberry Covenant Compliance Form: https://forms.gle/apgcpe5RaMKkQZrUA Newberry ARB Approval Request Form: https://forms.gle/FJd2mrKWNLxzrUwbA

What’s New at the Pool?

In order for your key card to be active, you must be up to date on dues and have signed and returned the pool rules to Centennial Management. Pool rules were mailed in April/May prior to the pool opening. Here is a digital link should you need a new copy: (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UAfkLh8sbBMwcE26XnFcCFVn3fRVO7Qj/view?usp=sharing) What do I do..

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Did You Know?

Per the By-Laws: Parking and Storage of Vehicles Prohibited in Newberry There shall be no parking of motor vehicles or any other things on the public streets of the property and the only place where parking will be allowed is within the garage and on the driveways.   No school or other buses, tractors, trucks over 1-ton,..

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2019 Dues

Newberry HOA dues are $180 annually as of 2019. Don’t forget interest and late fees are assessed for any dues 60 days past due, which for annual assessments is March 31 of each year. Please contact Centennial Management at 913.648.1500, to receive your updated dues amount if dues are not postmarked by March 31st. Per the HOA bylaws, annual dues are due on Jan 1st of..

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Being Neighborly

Being neighborly Many people today, particularly those who have grown up with Facebook and Twitter, have amassed relationships with people around the globe. But at the end of the day, how many are real friends? Friends and friendship mean different things to different people. So it is with being a good neighbor. Being neighborly means different things to..

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Letter from the President

As President of the Newberry Homeowners Association, I would like to welcome you to the community.   I am thrilled to call you all my neighbors!   I trust that you were made to feel welcome. If we haven’t already met, I look forward to getting to know you all.   If you’ve made it here –..

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